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Ever find yourself meeting someone and trying to exchange information but you have three blogs, an email address, two Twitter accounts, and a partridge in a pear tree? I was just in a situation last month and didn’t have a solid way to share my info. This is becoming more and more common with today’s plethora of social media options – two out of two people living in my home have this issue (okay, those results may be biased but they are accurate!).

I started searching for a way to take control of my online presence awhile ago. As a freelancer and someone who is involved in at least a dozen online ventures at any given time, I wanted a central online location to send people. I tried customizing About.Me but wasn’t happy with it. That’s when I found this article from Blogging Bookshelf: Why and How to Create Your Own Online Business Card.

Tristan suggests a one-page website that includes links to all your online locations. Blogs, social media, business sites, email. You can then hand out that one URL on a business card and change the page itself whenever you update employers or phone numbers.

Since I had already poured a lot of time into a professional portfolio and resume site, I registered as an online business card. A little CSS, some basic HTML, and now I have a nice little home on the web for whatever information I want to share. Social media profiles, email address, links to my various projects. Next, I’ll print up some personal calling cards with just that url and I’m ready for conferences, interviews, or chance meetings in a grocery store.

Speaking of calling cards… My husband has his own calling card site ( and I recently designed and printed calling cards for him to take with him to a conference. They’re posted over on chickyscratch if you’d like to see them.

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